Generate high quality leads through networking.

Your Fliers at the fingertips of your business network,employees,association, easily shareable, wherever they go.

What is Flier?

Fliers are digital presentations. They are a great and memorable way to introduce yourself, your company or your network to new business opportunities. Fliers are easily shared via SMS or email using the app for iOS or Android.

Flier for Real Estate Agent

Bobby Davis

Real Estate Agent

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Flier for Photographer

Nicole Parker


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Flier for freelancer

Liam Matthews

Web Developer

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Create and join groups.

Flier is all about connecting groups of people with a common purpose and help them succeed based on referrals and introductions. Members can easily introduce you to new potential clients simply by sharing your Flier.

Introduce people

Introduce group members to new business opportunities with the tap of a button.

Join groups and share each others fliers

Generate high quality leads.

When your Flier is sent a referral slip is created, containing contact information of the recipient as well as rating, notes and other relevant information you need to follow-up. Never again lose track of a potential client.

Track progress

Simple CRM features allows you to track leads from the moment they receive your flier.

Voice notes

If you don’t feel like typing, create voice notes using the microphone on your smartphone.


Track whether recipient is actually looking at your Flier, and follow up at the right time.

Attach business card

Attach an image of the recipients business card and avoid the hassle of manually entering contact details.

Track leads from the moment they receive your flier

Offer services

Tell your network about your products.


Whether you've made a big sale or is simply enjoying life, you can share your celebrations with your network.

Introducing Headlines. The pulse of your network

Unleash the full potential of the people around you.

Contribute to your network by sharing offers, celebrations or simply ask your network for help.

Simple, straightforward pricing.

Personal Flier

$ 0 00

free, forever.

  • Create your own digital Flier which serves as your digital business card.
  • Share your Flier on the go using the app for iOS or Android.
  • Generate high quality leads.


$ 5 65

per user / month
billed annually. Ex VAT (25%)

Free 30 day trial per group.
No Credit Card required.

  • Everything from FREE plus...
  • Allow group members to refer each other, and generate high quality leads.
  • Digitize your sales and marketing materials. Create Fliers that advertises products or services, which can be shared to 3rd party by group members.
  • Communicate and collaborate in group conversations or one-on-one.
  • Organize events for group members. Includes guest support, in-app RSVP and much more.
  • Divide your group into teams, for easier collaboration and communication.
  • Ask for help, celebrate or share an offer with your group using Headlines.


> 50 users

  • Custom billing cycles.
  • Premium support.